5 Ways to Take Your LBD to the Next Level

Perhaps the most iconic and essential garment in a woman’s closet is the little black dress, affectionately known as an LBD. Not only does it represent timeless femininity, it’s also versatile enough for any occasion, body type, age, style, and mood. So how do you make this beloved garment even better? Try these fashion tips to elevate your LBD style.


1. Go backless

From red carpet elegance to rock and roll drama, you can take an LBD in any direction. But the style detail that’ll always be a showstopper? Going backless. Exposing skin in an area that’s typically unseen—and perceived as intimate—is one of fashion’s longstanding dualities. It’s a symbol of fearlessness and fragility, strength and softness. To experiment with this dynamic, try a peek-a-boo design that shows minimal skin around your back, or go for a daring backless option that opens from your shoulder blade to your tailbone.


2. Add “back jewelry”

Finding a comfortable, supportive bra for a backless dress can be an exhausting game of trial and error (who has time for all those exchanges and returns?). That’s why BackStory is such a lifesaver. It gives you the flexibility to wear a standard bra with any backless LBD. And with BackStory Covers, your bra strap becomes jewelry for your back. It’s the wardrobe accessory you’ve been looking for, even if you haven’t gone backless for years. Now you can!


3. Have fun with shoes and bags

What’s more fun than shopping for the perfect little black dress? Picking the perfect shoes and bag to go with it. As long as the pairing suits the occasion and makes you feel magnificent, we’re all for it.  To help you narrow down the selection, harpersbazaar.com reports that retro footwear trends are on the comeback. Think: chain embellishments on heels (a la the 90’s) and chunky-heeled loafers with tons of texture, like a dancing queen. For handbags, chain details top the list yet again, according to marieclaire.com, along with quilted and rope textures and larger-than-life totes, ideal for the days when you need to pack multiple wardrobe changes.


4. Rock a blazer

No longer a mainstay for office attire only, blazers are a more playful take on a jacket that be worn with anything, including LBDs. You’ve probably seen them popping up all over fashion runways and in magazines, and trend-watchers are loving the oversized designs, reminiscent of menswear. We suggest pairing a blazer with a backless LBD and then doing a reveal of the century, as you take it off slowly to the sounds of oohs and ahhs.


5. Glow from within

Fashion isn’t the only influencing factor for your LBD. The accessory that shines the brightest comes from inside you—and that starts with self-love and self-care. Having a healthy skin care regimen that includes eating healthy, moisturizing, exfoliating, and more, can make you feel beautiful and amazing. Include other mindful behaviors, like getting restful sleep every night and engaging in positive self-talk, and your confidence will be the best thing you wear. In that respect, a little black dress becomes an accessory for you.