What to Wear for a Summer Date During COVID-19

After being sequestered indoors for weeks due to the pandemic, the idea of getting dressed up and going outside on an official date is enough to make us do a happy dance. Even if you’re going out with the exact same person you were sequestered indoors with, it still feels like a special event. But here’s the thing: The typical “what-should-I-wear” question takes on more importance because we’re in atypical times. Venturing outdoors during COVID-19 comes with risks, and many states have mandates for wearing face masks in public places. Try these ideas to dress to impress—and stick to safety precautions for your summer date.


Wear a cute face mask

Who would’ve thought that face masks would ever become a fashion accessory? It’s happening, friends. Brands such as Guess, Phillip Lim, Ulla Johnson, and so many more are creating face masks in the most stunning prints, colors, and designs across a variety of high-end and affordable price points, starting as low as around $6. Think about choosing a mask that coordinates with your outfit, or wear it as statement piece (because it doesn’t have to match). Either way, you’ll definitely want to leave those surgical blue and white masks at home.


Play up your eye makeup

Wearing a face covering naturally draws more attention to your eyes, so they need to be ready for the party. A good mascara and an eyelash curler have always been the all-stars of your makeup bag, but now they’re the foundation of your makeup routine. Experts suggest starting with a light moisturizer and sunscreen around your eyes for UV protection. After curling your lashes and applying mascara (in that order), try experimenting with a range of eye shadow color palettes and pencils—from neutrals to rainbows—as well as dewy highlighters and blushes (try extending the color from your brow to your temples!). Don’t forget to keep your brows manicured, and remove all eye makeup with a gentle cleanser at night.

Try a backless maxi dress

Who doesn’t adore a maxi dress? They’re long, comfortable, suitable for any body shape, and effortlessly beautiful. The hardest part is choosing the cut and style best for you. One option worth considering: Going backless. The unexpected combination of an ankle-length dress with an open back cut will be enough to make your date do a double take. If you want even more shock and awe, try wearing a BackStory cover. That way, you still enjoy the comfort of wearing a regular bra with the surprise of an embellished design on the back strap. We love the Color Pop Collection for summer.

Wear shoes made for (outdoor) walking

In the past, you’d probably go with an easy pair of espadrilles, wedge sandals, or flip flops with a kitten heel for your summer date. But those shoes may not be your best bet this time around. For example, you may be packing your own picnic to eat at the park, instead of sitting down at a restaurant. You could end up taking a really long walk, just to enjoy the scenery. You may end up doing more standing than sitting because there aren’t a lot of sit-down places to go. Think comfort first. Make sure your footwear feels breathable, has supportive insoles or padding, and non-slip bottoms. One more piece of advice: Have fun!