Customer Reviews

“I don’t have the body type that can go without wearing a bra, so I’ve never been able to wear backless dresses. But with BackStory, I can wear any backless dress I want and still have the support I need. It solves a problem for so many women.” – Karen, Manhattan, NY


“I want and need all the BackStory covers. Not even kidding.” –Felice, The Bronx, NY


“I’ve had these two low-back shirts sitting in my closet for months because I couldn’t find a bra that was cute enough to wear with them. Now that I found BackStory, I can finally rock these tops—and buy new ones. It’s opened up a whole new world for my wardrobe.” –Nadia, Brooklyn, NY


“Where has this product been all my life? I just wish I had it for all the times I wore the wrong bra.” –Jordan, Hoboken, NJ


“The Tie Me Up BackStory cover is my favorite new accessory. It’s so eye-catching, and I get compliments everywhere I go. Sometimes I even wear it under regular shirts because it makes me feel sexy.” –Cheryl, Newark, NJ


“I’ve worn the Back-Focused Top almost every weekend since I got it. It’s so soft and easy to wear, and it goes with everything. I have it in black, and I’m ordering the grey, too. I hope they come out with more colors.” –Elisa, Westchester, NY 


“My entire wardrobe is about to be backless now. I’ll have to move to a warmer climate!” –Deana, Queens, NY


“I wore the Lace Beaded Flowers cover to a wedding, and it was such a hit. I think I might use them for the open-back bridesmaids dresses in my wedding. –Viv, Long Island, NY


"This might sound crazy, but BackStory has made me excited about getting dressed up and going out again.” –Malia, Jersey City, NJ


"Best. Accessory. Ever.” –Harper, Brooklyn, NY