What to do about back acne

What to do about back acne | BackStory -Blog

Back acne or ‘bacne’ is more common than you think. Teenagers are not the only ones who are plagued with back acne.  It is most common in people under 25 due to hormonal changes, eating sugary foods and not taking as good care of themselves. But anyone can become acne prone. 

Back Acne: 7 Tips to treat and prevent it.

  • Firstly, change your soap that you are currently using and find something that is dermatologist approved. There are plenty of choices on the market these days.
  • SHOWER daily and especially right after a workout. This is when you are most vulnerable to acne after a good sweat.  
    • How do you reach your back in the shower you ask?  These are the tools that you really need:
    •        A scrubber brush on a long handle designed for your back that is               not too stiff and could irritate your skin
    •        A natural exfoliating loofah on a  handle for your back to help get rid         of dead skin and polish your back
    •        A back lotion applicator on a long handle (more about that later)

    •  Wear cotton not synthetic blends. Your skin needs to breathe and cotton is a natural fabric. Always keep an extra T-shirt, (one size up) in your bag in case you start overheating and your back is dripping in sweat. Change your shirt!
    • For the really tough pimples/acne dermatologist recommend a cream containing benzoyl peroxide which kills bacteria. This is where the lotion applicator comes in.

               How else can you reach your back?

      • To get rid of some of the blackheads, etc go for a “back facial” most salons that offer a facial for your face also have back facials.  You can’t help yourself, let a pro help!
      • If your acne persists, time to see a dermatologist. Give yourself time to heal, it does not happen overnight.

        Leaving you to wear your best backless dresses and tops with confidence!