How Should A Bra Fit


How Should A Bra Fit

You can tell when you see other women wearing the wrong bra! 

Bras are all very different from underwire to push up, strapless to bralettes. The list goes on and on! With so many options out there, it can be challenging to know which one will work best for your body type.There is a style that is right for everyone. Most women have a variety of bras for the clothing that they wear.

 You normally would not wear a sheer bra with a see through top. That seems to be all the rage now but I am not sure that it’s a good look!

What's a Typical Bra Fitting Like?

A typical bra fitting usually starts with the customer trying on a few different sizes of each style. Next, the fitter will look for reasons to eliminate certain styles and then narrow the choices by size until something fits perfectly.

Fittings are often in private dressing rooms where you can't see yourself reflected from all angles because it's harder to tell if something is wrong when your body looks wonky through an angled mirror or off-center photo frame.

We will review the most important points about the fit and you will soon be an expert.

How to Know if Your Bra Doesn't Fit Correctly

A bra that fits well should give you support, lift, and good coverage. If your bra doesn't fit correctly, there are some tell-tale signs for each of these things to look out for.

If the cups don't sit around your breast correctly, it will likely be because they're either too small or too big. To work out which is the case, try this simple trick - turn your straps up onto your shoulders (so that they're facing downwards) if when you let go, the bra comes away from your body a little bit but goes back into place quickly without falling off completely then the cup is most probably not fitting correctly.  

However, if the straps stay precisely where they are when you turn them up, the cup is too small, and we can help find a better fitting style. The wire should sit flat against your ribcage, not poking into it or falling away from it. 

If either of these things happens to you regularly, then this means that either your band size is too large/small or the wires themselves aren't sitting in the right place on your body. 

The band should be straight around your torso, not riding up or slipping down - if it's doing either of these things regularly, then this means that the back size is likely too big/small.  

5 Key Elements - The Right Fit

The key is to determine what your true size is and then check that it fits you properly. 

  • Support
  • Your bra needs to support your breasts and lift them comfortably.  Stand sideways in a mirror, bend your arm so that you're next to your side. If your breasts extend about half way between your elbow and your outstretched hand then they have the support that they need.

    A tip: bralettes do not support large breasts…and as you get older your bra needs to have good support since you start sagging. Sorry but I know it is true from personal experience.

  • Band Size
  • Let’s review the band size. 

     The band is the part of your bra that goes around your body. It provides 80% (or  more) of the support for your breasts, so it's crucial to find a well-fitting one. A good fit means that you can easily slide two fingers underneath each side of the band—if not, try going up in size or loosening/tightening the back closures until this becomes possible. 

    The clasp should be tight enough to stay closed if you lean over forward and shake upside down without coming undone but loose enough to not leave any red welts on shoulders after wearing it all day long!

     If hook extenders are attached to make it bigger, they shouldn't show when worn with clothes; otherwise, take them off and continue with the next size up. The band should lie completely flat against your back, following its natural curve. If it sticks out or bulges in some areas, try going down a size until you find one that fits perfectly flush to your body all around.

    Adjust the bra hooks so that when you lift your arms up the band stays in place. There is a 2 inch difference between the first and last hooks. Normally, most women try to aim for the middle hook. If you are on the last hooks and it seems a bit tight then go up a band size. You know when something feels and looks good.

  • Cup Size
  • Most women never wear the right cup size. If there is room and gaping then the cup size is too big.  By the way, many bras fit differently, with a full coverage bra I will go down a cup size, and with some strapless bras, I need to go up one.  If you are spilling out of the bra on the sides and on the top of the cup then it is too small. Just because you were a C cup when you were 20 does not mean you will alway remain the same. It is good to check your size every once in a while. Gaining or losing weight will also affect your cup size. There are plenty of experts in the industry that can fit you properly. 

    •  Straps

    The straps are the easiest to adjust. Make sure that they are not falling off your shoulders or too tight that they leave marks on your shoulders. If you can’t stick a finger under the strap then they are too tight. If you can lift the straps more than an ½ inch off your shoulder than they are too loose. Use your common sense and comfort level. 

    • Shape

    A bra should be supportive, but it shouldn't make you look like your breasts are spilling out of the cups. Instead, you want to fill up the cup without overflow or wrinkling fabric. This is especially important for women with larger busts who can get away with wearing a smaller size because they need extra support. 

    If you aren't sure if your shape fits correctly, consider where and how much breast tissue falls into each part of your bra. The center gore (the middle piece between the cups) shouldn't tack firmly against your chest wall. 

    Based on your frame, your breasts should always be forward, not extending beyond  the sides of your body. If you look in the mirror you will see if they are overflowing. Your bra will look best with smooth side support. 


    What is the Perfect Coverage Bra? 

    Although not everyone is looking for a full coverage bra, if you are, there are things to look out for when buying one. Full coverage bras do precisely what they say,  they cover all of your breasts. 

    As a result, they won't be suitable for low-cut tops but will provide support with an underwire and give you shape with molded cups that mold to fit your breast size perfectly; typically, in half or three-quarter styles (where there's cup covering from halfway down the top part of the chest up to just below where it meets). 

    Hope you now understand how your bras should fit and what determines if it is the perfect bra. This guide has given you some ideas on crucial points to consider when shopping for the right bra and tips on how to keep your bras in tip-top condition. Be sure to use it. 

    Different Bras Fit Differently

    In a previous article, we discussed how many bras you should keep at all times and what type of bras that you need.  Based on a lot of research the average number of bras that you need range from 7 to 16.  I would prefer to have more than less as it cuts down on the hand washing. 

     Sports bra:

    If you are active then we recommend 5, it cuts down on constantly washing them.

     Full Support Bras:

    These bras are usually underwire or padded to hold you in place and are comfortable so you can wear them everyday. 4 should cover you both in your skin color and black. Many brands carry “T-shirt” bras that fit this category, like Calvin Klein, Wacoal and BackStory.

    Medium Support Bras:

    Bralettes fit this category and are great for lounging. Pick 2. 


    We recommend 2 in black and skin color especially if you are going to wear them strapless or with sheer clothing. Almost all brands have a strapless bra but our favorite is from BackStory. You can buy your BackStory Bra on line today in black or beige.

     Pretty Bras:

    The lacy bras that you wear when you are dating. They are in the back of your drawer! Pick 3 that are really special and colorful with matching panties.

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