To Wear Wire or Not to Wear Wire...That is the Bra Question?


Underwire Bras:

Underwired bras have a wire that is sewn into the bra in a U shape to lift  your boobs up and in place.  They can be made of metal, the most popular with bra companies, or plastic.

Plastic can tend to melt and bend if you wash your bra in the machine and then use the dryer.

Personally, I prefer underwire since I like having my breasts held up and separated, especially during the hot summer when you are sweating.  I don’t even feel the wires!

Underwire is also the best style of bra for women with larger breasts. It offers more support especially if you are larger than a D cup.  Sports bras also come in underwire, which are best for vigorous exercise They prevent chafing in the middle of your breasts, keeping them apart.

Some of the best underwired bras:

According to Good Housekeeping 

By: Lexie Sachs July 7, 2022

Natori Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Bra $72

Ultimate T-shirt Soft Foam Underwire Bra Hanes $20

Third Love Classic T-shirt Bra $72

We added our own two favorites:

Walcoal Red Carpet Strapless-full coverage $68

BackStory Strapless Convertible Bra-full coverage  $54

Wireless Bras:

Women who choose a wireless bra tend to have smaller breast and do not need as much support. By the way, even if you have smaller breast, they too can a bra is still necessary.  Wireless bras may be more comfortable but they do not have the structure that underwire bras have. These bra styles are great for lounging at home… when you still want a little lift.

Some of the best wireless bras:

According to Good Housekeeping 

By: Lexie Sachs July 7, 2022

Olga Easy Does It No Bulge Bra $22

The Scoop by CUUP $68

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