How Best To Wear a Backless Dress & Support Your “Boobs”


While it is only February, many of us are already thinking about the beginning of spring. We are planning our weddings, what to wear to prom and the new outfits to buy for the spring and summer season. One of the prettiest looks for the warmer weather is a backless dress. It shows off your back, which is one of the parts of our body that usually looks beautiful.

In order to wear a backless dress, we need to address what to do with our “boobs”. Since 1983 when the average bra size in America was 34B. The average size according as of 2013 is 34DD. Our boobs have grown, a lot! In order to comfortably wear a backless dress, they need support.

Let’s review the variety of products in the marketplace that work toward solving this problem:

1. Breast lift tape:

Little pieces of tape shaped in a semi-circle that you attach under each breast. Since you have to secure each breast separately, not sure how easy it is to have them securely “up” evenly. I would not try this if you are bigger than a B, not a lot of support. This tape is made from paper and if you sweat....good luck to you!

2. Industrial tape:

This is Kim Kardashian’s go to solution. You basically tape your breasts upward so they don’t sag using masking tape or packing tape, etc. If you have sensitive skin, this could be very irritating and you may even develop a rash. Industrial tape was not made to hold up boobs! Don’t forget that Kim is 41 and at her age, her boobs look like that stand up pretty much on their own.

3. Nipple Covers:

Nipple covers could also be a solution if the dress is thin and a bit see through and you don't really need a bra..

4. Sew in Bra Cups:

This is a great solution but you will need a tailor to insert them and that costs money. And find a pair of cups that are your size.

5. The Low Back Bra Converter:

This is made of 2 separate long straps. This item hooks to each side of your bra in the back, and then you pull it down and around to your front to attach it together. This does work but if you are wearing a clingy dress, you will see all of the straps. It is not the most comfortable either.

6. Wear your bra:

Most women do need to wear a bra, especially as you get older. The “girls” don’t stay up on their own. You can choose a very pretty lacy bra and show it off. Just make sure no one comes up behind you and flicks it open.

7. Wear your bra and decorate it:
There is another solution that enables you to wear a bra and has created a variety of fashion

covers that attach to the back of the bra. Like jewelry for your back!

Once you have solved the bra issue, we have a few simple suggestions to look your best in your dress:

  1. The backless dress can gape in the back when you bend over, since nothing is holding it together so make sure it fits you snuggly.

  2. Have a “back facial” before your big event so that your back shimmers. Most spas offer this service.

  3. For a really special look have your hair done in an updo to show off your sexy back..and enjoy the evening knowing you look great!