Shop Decorative Bra Strap Covers from BackStory

We’ve all been there—finding that perfect dress or top, only to turn it around and realize that it’s backless, and our bra is going to show. If you used to leave these tops in the store, or if you’ve ever wondered how to wear a backless dress, we’re here to answer all you're burning bra questions.

If going without a bra isn’t an option for you, we get it. That’s why we created BackStory bra strap covers; that attach to the back of our bra. Know you can still find that perfect backless dress/open-back top and not have to think about your peeking straps or slippery breast tape. 

Whether you’re looking for a stand-out lace option or a more subtle sequined look for everyday wear, BackStory has a cover that can work for every look. Life is too short to worry over peeking straps, right?

Are Bra Strap Covers Fashionable?

We think so! Why not give decorating your bra a try? All our bra band covers are designed to be beautiful and match your personality, so you can show them off with confidence. Which ever decorative cover that  you chose, you’ll get all the support you need without having to sacrifice your style.

A lot of people think that having a bigger bust means that you can’t wear backless clothes, and we get it. If you can’t go with no bra, and breast tape or other options don’t work for you, it can seem like you’re out of options. 

But we wanted to make sure that everyone can wear whatever they feel most comfortable and beautiful in, bras and all. That’s why all our decorative bra strap covers are designed to be seen—so you can show off your style without sacrificing comfort.

Choose the BackStory Bra Strap Cover That Works For You

All BackStory bra strap covers easily attach and detach from the BackStory bra, so you can get a bra that’s built for support and style. Simply attach your decorative cover to the band of your BackStory bra via hook and loop, and you’re ready to hit the town! 

We know how hard it can be to find that bra with a perfect fit. If you already have a bra that you love, you can use our new Converters to use our decorative bra straps with your own bra (as long as it has two hooks in the band.) Attach your cover to the converter, and then slide your bra straps in and use the hooks to attach them. 

You can shop our complete collection of band covers, from sequined options, chiffon lace flowers, and even edgier options like studs and leather ties. Regardless of what your style is, BackStory has an option for everyone.