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With BackStory, you can decorate your BackStory Bra with a variety of gorgeous designs. So, wear your fave open-backed dress or shirt and rock a new look that leaves an impression when you walk away.


What started out as a search for the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress), ended with Backstory.

This is how we got started.

Our Story

You'll Need Our BackStory Bra to Get Started & You'll Never Look Back

Our BackStory Straps fit seamlessly onto our comfortable bra - we don't sacrifice comfort for style, or style for comfort!
Pro Tip: Bra Straps can be hooked on and off!

Add a Little Oomph...

Wearable with any backless dress while making a statement. You'll need the BackStory Bra to start! Enjoy a FREE accessory with the Black BackStory Bra!

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There's something about going backless we love, and it's time your back got the attention it deserves. Find out more about BackStory and how you can take part in the backless revolution!

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