What is the Deal With Pantyhose?


Pantyhose were a  requirement as long as I can remember growing up. My mom never left home without them and neither did I when I worked in a corporate office.  It was part of the uniform and frankly kept me warm in the winter months.  The pantyhose that I am referring to were  skin color, uncomfortable, and easily ripped, which made them look even worse than they felt.

At the same time, in the 60’s tights took over the pantyhose and became the fashion for the modern women. Gradually, over the next ten years, there was a total rebellion against tradition and as reported in the Boston Globe “The Great Underwear Revolution had begun”.’ Eventually, young women stopped wearing pantyhose all together. 

I became completely confused. I still wore hose to work, but did I have to wear them to parties, weddings and other social events? I became obsessed with whether or not women were wearing hose.  I began to stalk the most fashionable women at parties to determine their “pantyhose status”. If the fashionistas had great looking legs then no hose, if not, they wore pants. That was my answer! 

I still wear opaque tights with certain dresses, as part of the look. As trends come and go, this year tights are back in fashion. The popular tights are  patterned, lace flowers, opaque in a multitude of colors and of course thigh highs. 

Some women are even wearing them with open toed shoes. I personally would not go that far but apparently it’s a thing.

 Wear what brings you joy!

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