What Is BackStory?

BackStory solves the annoying open-backed dress/shirt problem!

"Do I hide my bra?"
"Do I go out bra-less?"

With Back
Story, you can accessorize your bra and turn it into a feature rather than a downer! Our Accessory Collection carries a variety of gorgeous designs for all trendsetters. So, wear your fave open-backed dress or shirt confidently, and rock a new look that leaves an impression when you walk away!



What do I need to wear BackStory?

Simply our Back
Story Bra - a comfortable and sleek brasseur! You can accessorize it with any item from our extensive collection. And we're always posting stunning outfit ideas on our Blog, so you won't be short on inspiration!

After you've purchased your BackStory Bra (the black BackStory Bra comes with a FREE accessory!)

Off to a dinner date? The Casino? A girls night out? There's a BackStory for any occasion...Find your Style Here!