Biggest Summer Fashion Trend of 2023: Semi-Sheer

Summer 2023 has been full of surprises. As like every summer, some trends we like and others we can take a pass, but we need to be in the know .Most of the fashion magazines, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Vogue do agree on the following trends:

  • Sheer Clothing
  • The most talked about and experienced in photos are the sheer and semi-sheer dresses and tops. We have seen many a starlet without a bra at a gala and some with a bra, albeit see-through.  

    Remember the picture of one of the Kardashians' exposing her nipples? 

     A few have worn their sheer dress with a “lacy bra” only to show the hooks in the back.  While the runway models are relatively small busted and young, (not yet droopy) they can carry it off. It is however, not for everyone. If I ever wear a sheet top, I make sure to have my bra on with one of my BackStory covers on. 


  • Fun Sunglasses
  • Sunglasses are a must every day that you venture out to protect your eyes, so why not have fun with them.  There are so many inexpensive options to chose from. Sunglasses are an accessory just like a handbag but even more important since they are on your face! Give pink a try for a little Barbie time. My favorites are big green sun glasses from Loewe $680.

  • Flower Accessory
  • A black flower “rosette” tied around your neck adds an element of femininity to  any outfit. Wear a large flower pinned to your strapless dress.     Try a  black flowered belt. BackStory has a lovey Chiffon Flower Bra Cover  or the BackStory fingerless flower gloves!


    backstory chiffon flowers bra cover


  • Metallic Shoes 
  • I assume that by now everyone has something metallic for their feet. Whether it is a sneaker or evening shoe. Let it shine and sparkle. Silver is the hot color this summer. I love my silver Manola Blanik, and my Stan Smith silver sneakers. I am complimented on them all the time. These shoes are timeless, go with everything and worth the investment.  Try pairing your metallic heels with a metallic dress. Very popular this summer. 

  • Sequin Handbag
  • Anyone who loves metallics will also love sequins. The bags come in a variety of colors and can be worn day or night. A little sparkle goes a long way with a simple dress, or a backless top. 

    Add the silver sequin BackStory cover to sparkle everywhere.

  • Motorcycle Chic
  • Just add a little bit of leather to your jeans or T-shirts and you are in fashion: a leather bustier, short skirt or sleek jacket will do. You can always opt out for faux-leather. Same look, cheaper and not leather! BackStory has a faux leather cover with ties and another with studs that work perfectly with this look.

  • Bold Printed Dresses
  • The print is fun, colorful and loud. There are some great maxi dresses that have cut outs, either the sides, the legs or the back. Pick which feature is your best and show off. 

    You don’t need to spend big $$$ to buy trending clothes. Most of these trends can be found at Zara for under $100. 

    I do recommend buying sunglasses with the best protection for your eyes against the sun. So really find something that you love and spurge!