Washing Bras & Tossing Bras

How to Wash Your Bras

As I started to research this very important topic, I began to realize that I certainly don't wash my bras often enough!

I have read several articles written by some very prominent magazines, online blogs and even medical journals with varying opinions. However, the majority do agree on the following:

It is best to hand wash bras separately in a sink with a gentle detergent, such as Woolite. This is especially true for all of your delicate pretty bras that you safe for special occasions.  After washing them, rinse in cold water and lay flat to dry. Reshaping to cups so they dry ready to wear.  

If you insist on throwing them in the washing machine, then hook each bra together and stick them in a mesh bag. Try to only wash your workout bras this way, if you must use the washing machine. Remember to use cold water and the gentle cycle.  

( On a personal note: these articles made me realize why all of my good t-shirts had little holes in them. I threw all of my bras in the machine with everything else and never hooked them together…and then threw them in the dryer..my bad!)

NEVER use the dryer for your bras!

When to Wash Your Bras

The one thing that everyone agrees on  is to wash any bra that you sweat in, even a little bit. This will help you to avoid back acne and bra causing odor. There is a middle ground between when to wash jeans and when you wash your underwear, (which I assume is daily). Most of the experts agree that the general rule should be every 2 to 3 wears as long as you did not sweat in your bra while wearing it. You should also try to give your bra a rest in between wears, another rule I never followed until now.

When to Toss Your Bras

Logically, you should toss your bras when they are permanently stained, ripped, have broken wires or no longer fit. Since you do not keep your socks or underwear forever, you should not keep your bras forever. The experts agree that you should replace them about every 6 to 8 months depending on their condition. Most likely your exercise bras should be replaced more often than 6 months since they get  a lot of use and abuse. Your special bras may last a little longer depending on wear..

It is now time for me to throw out all of my bras and start over! My favorite go to bra is from BackStoryNYC.